Beximco Group’s Shinepukur Ceramics recognized as one of the finest in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has earned for itself a very remarkable name when it comes to making ceramic articles. Keep those Chinese dishes to rest if you come across the ones made in Bangladesh for the country has one of the finest stock of white clay, the material used in the making of ceramics. Right from plates to salt sprinklers or the serving dishes, all the items domestically crafted in Bangladesh are touted as one of the finest in the world. And high up in this league stands Shinepukur Ceramics, a premium ceramic manufacturing brand owned by Beximco Group.

Shinepukur is recognized world over as one of the finest ceramic makers of the world. Locally manufactured and designed by finest craftsmen, the designs of Shinepukur are simply remarkable. Produced with the high quality white clay indigenously found, the articles are crafted with intricate finesse and are more durable than other ceramic products. They beat Chinese imports hands down; uses less Pyrex and more of better quality clay, making the products oven-safe. Tableware Products by Shinepukur exude creativity and hard work in every glance. The art has been perfected over years by the craftsmen.

Since 1958, Bangladesh has been making ceramic products and exporting them to countries like the USA, Japan and France. So many companies have tried their hands at making ceramic articles including plates and pans but only a few have waded through the competition.

The best way to shop for ceramics in Bangladesh is by strolling across the markets that are famous for a wide range of such products. The prices and quality of the products are big determinants for the consumers. That’s why, Shinepukur by Beximco Group has priced the articles very strategically.


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