Fervor of Sufi Fest Drives Enthusiasts Crazy

The three-day International Sufi Fest at Dhaka from January 27-29, 2015, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, has been a splendid sensation among Sufi music enthusiasts. With its prime sponsor being Beximco Group, the festival was a striking success, boosted up by troupes from Egypt and Denmark to Brazil. Pakistani excellence, RahatFateh Ali Khan, gave his diehard fans an evening for life.Javed Ali, MunnawarMasoom and Arko Mukherjee from India also spirited the fest with a new vigor. Egyptian troupe Mawlawiyahh and Danish music troupe Serenaselectrified the festival withmusic begotten from their cultures and ethnicity. Music lovers were struck bythe diversity of music encapsulated in one night. Gujarati troupeSidiGomaplayed and sang African music and its ragas.Zik’r’s mystical flamenco music and indigenous Bangladeshi music spirited the fest with an energy which revitalized each person and colored and recolored them in their own heritage and philosophy. Salman F Rahman’s Beximco Group has been one of the prime sponsors and kudos to them for such an inspiring and rejuvenating event!

Beximco Group is an international leader in a plethora of merchandise to and from Bangladesh. It is the largest private sector business conglomerate in Bangladesh with over 48,000 seasoned employees and over 300,000 shareholders.Beximco’s industries range from ceramics to textiles, from Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Jute, Information technology, Textiles, Trading, Media, Ceramics, Marine food, Financial services, Energy to Hospitality. With such a diversified and expansive view, they have been serving for more than 4 decades, since its inception in 1972. Under the chairmanship of ASF Rahman and vice chairmanship of Salman F Rahman, Beximco has witnessed incredible growth by serving its clientele with whatever they can think of. Beximco not only believes in diversity and dynamism but also refinement. Each of its range of services is of the paramount quality, ensuring a contented clientele. It believes in investing in satisfaction more than investing in capital. It sponsors many tournaments, festivals and events, Dhaka Sufi Fest being one of many of those.

Beximco’s range of industries covers a spectrum of merchandise. Beximco’s textiles and apparel division Bextex Ltd. is installed with one of Bangladesh’s largest spinning mill, exporting premium denim cloth globally. Its brand Yellow provides a class of apparels, from ethnic to modern, tuned to the latest trends of the industry. From carpets to dyed yarns, Beximco’s Jute Division provides premium quality jute and has developed into a large industrial enterprise. The conglomerate’sone of the most successful concerns, Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd. produces world class Bone China and Porcelain Tableware. Real estate and trading division of Beximco, Bangladesh Import Export Co. Ltd., has over 800 acres of land and is a leading real estate developer of the country. Beximco Engineering Ltd. is the construction division of Beximco constructing commercial to residential projects, bridges and railway embankments. Its marine foods chain processes, packages and sells marine foods. From hotels to computers, from financial services to synthetics, be it backing events for country’s advancement, Beximco has its presence everywhere.


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