Beximco Sponsors Dhaka Sufi Fest and Int’l Football Tournament

The International Sufi Fest at Dhaka and the Bangabandhu Gold Cup 2015 have been two red-letter events primarily sponsored by Salman F Rahman’s Beximco Group, world’s leading conglomerate with merchandise spread in an enormous number of industries.The Dhaka Sufi Fest, first of its kind in Bangladesh, manifested a buzz among Sufi music enthusiasts. Parallel to it, the international football tournament 2015 has been a sensation among football geeks! Having begun in January, the tournament witnessed an enthralling combat among six nations, all fighting to be the ultimate victor. Kudos to Beximco for such inspirationaland rejuvenating events!

The Sufi fest was a remarkable event laid in the golden pages of history of Bangladesh! Troupes from across the globe marked the event. From Egypt to Denmark, from Brazil to India, from African notes to Flamenco music, the event was overflowing with the message of global unity as the ragas of different nationalities echoed together in unison. Pakistani excellence, RahatFateh Ali Khan, gave his diehard fans an evening for life. Javed Ali from India also occasioned the fest and brimmed it up with a new vitality. Music lovers were struck by the diversity of music encapsulated in one night. Similar was the enthusiasm begotten by the Bangabandhu international football tournament which had combats from six nationscontending to claim victory and be immortal in pages of history.Malaysia U-23 defeated all other and emerged victorious to claim its trophy. Bangladesh U-23, though made it to the finals for the first time, gave a hard fight to Malaysia. The finals were heaving with 40,000 viewers, and weregraced by Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Thanks to Beximco for not only manufacturing products and services but also a global growth in entertainment industry, a vital for Bangladesh.

Beximco Group is an international leader in a plethora of merchandise to and from Bangladesh. It is the largest private sector business conglomerate in Bangladesh with over 48,000 seasoned employees and over 300,000 shareholders. Beximco’s industries range from ceramics to textiles, from Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Jute, Information technology, Textiles, Trading, Media, Ceramics, Marine food, Financial services, Energy to Hospitality. With such a diversified and expansive view, they have been serving for more than 4 decades, since its inception in 1972. Under the chairmanship of ASF Rahman and vice chairmanship of Salman F Rahman, Beximco has witnessed incredible growth by serving its clientele with whatever they can think of. Beximco’s range of industries covers a spectrum of merchandise. From hotels to computers, from financial services to synthetics, be it backing events for country’s advancement, Beximco has its presence everywhere.It sponsors many tournaments, festivals and events, Dhaka Sufi Fest and Bangabandhu football tournament being only the recent few of them.


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