Beximco Building a Brighter Bangladesh

Beximco is the tallest private sector business conglomerate of Bangladesh. Having a vast assortment of industries that it deals in, it has fetched the reputation of being a global leader in a whole range of merchandise exporting from and importing in Bangladesh. It has so far employed over 48,000 job seekers and with its ever-expansive philosophy, it has become a very promising prospect for the youth of the country. It also has as much as 300,000 stakeholders and their number stands for the faith they have in the company’s lucrative returns. Its industries range from ceramics to textiles, from Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Jute, Information technology, Textiles, Trading, Media, Ceramics, Marine food, Aviation, Financial services, Energy to Hospitality. Being headed by ASF Rahman and Salman F Rahman, Beximco has witnessed a tremendous and an unimaginable furtherance.

Beximco has a well established trust of its clientele in all its merchandise. Even some glimpses of its range of industries are enough to be acquainted of its diversity. From hotels to computers, from synthetics to financial services, Beximco offers a whole plethora of merchandise. Its brand Yellow offers a range of apparels going from ethnic to avant-garde. It owes to Beximco owning Bangladesh’s largest spinning mill. And owing to this, Beximco is also a leading global exporter of denim. Its Jute Division mills the most superior jute, making carpets and dyed yarns. Its marine food industry is productively selling marine foods all over Bangladesh. Its Engineering division crafts huge commercial and residential projects. Its ceramics division produces a high quality Bone China and Porcelain Tableware. Its real estate and trading division owns over 800 acres of land and develops state of the art architectures.

Beximco has been a prime sponsor of many red letter events, one of those being the International Sufi Fest at Dhaka from January 27-29, 2015, the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The fest has been a striking success and took the music maniacs to their dream world as they were swayed by the notes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as they saw him sang live. The fest had many music troupes from all over the globe. From Egypt to Denmark to Brazil, the evening was electrified by notes of varied nationalities. Javed Ali from India, Zik’r’s mystical flamenco, and Gujarati troupe Sidi Goma singing African notes, all echoed in unison in the fest that was spirited with the feelings of amity and brotherhood. Thanks to Beximco for being the chief sponsor of such rejuvenating evenings.


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