Beximco Hosts Bangabandhu Tournament

Beximco Group of companies is a global leader in the range of merchandise it offers. Under the leadership of ASF Rahman and Salman F Rahman, Beximco has boomed to become the biggest private sector agglomerate of Bangladesh. Its industries include a vast assortment of sectors ranging from ceramics to textiles, from Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Jute, Information technology, Textiles, Trading, Media, Ceramics, Marine food, Aviation, Financial services, Energy to Hospitality. Having employed 48,000 job aspirants already, Beximco has become a very lucrative option for the youth of Bangladesh. It has got over 300,000 shareholders who are confident about investing in Beximco and fetching high returns. Beximco has always emphasized on investing in people’s contentment above everything else and that’s precisely the reason for its tremendous and unimaginable growth.

Beximco’s brand YELLOW is a top-notch apparel brand of Bangladesh. Yellow offers an amalgamation of ethnic and avant-garde, propounding the country with global standards of fashion. Since its inception in 2004, it has set up over 10 outlets in the country. Having been begotten by Bangladesh, it reveres them and offers a range of country specific apparels in return, with an exclusive gamut of attires for Eid. Similar to the grand brand Yellow, Beximco has a spectrum of merchandise but it does not lose its quality standards in pursuit of quantity. Beximco has a well established trust of its clientele in all its merchandise. From synthetics to financial services, from hotels to ceramics, from jute to real estate, Beximco has its presence everywhere.

Beximco has been a prime sponsor of many banner events, one of them being the Bangabandhu International Football Tournament 2015. The tournament had six tough competitors battling to claim the trophy. It became a buzz with the football buffs and was discussed and debated by every age. The teams were compounded from different nationalities of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bahrain, Sri Lanka and the host country Bangladesh. Malaysia emerged victorious by combating with Bangladesh in the finals. The tournament has been a tribute to the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Besides being the largest private agglomerate of Bangladesh, Beximco never fails to instill in people a patriotic spirit.


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